“La Filera”

Art, culture, oenology, cuisine, territory

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Musica e Danza Sotto le Stelle

Castelnuovo Belbo July 1st & 2nd, 2023


Art, culture, oenology, cuisine, territory


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Coming soon

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Musica e danza sotto le stelle

It has the purpose of proposing itself as a meeting and aggregation point, in the name of cultural interests ...

– Mission “La Filera” –

... by fulfilling the social function of human and civil maturation and growth, with the aim of spreading the knowledge of the arts in all their expressions ...

– Mission “La Filera” –

... associating them with the dissemination and improvement of the knowledge of the culture, the history and the tradition of high quality wine and food ...

– Mission “La Filera” –

... increasing, highlighting, enhancing and protecting the heritage of traditions linked to enology, gastronomy and the territory.

– Mission “La Filera” –


To enhance enology, cuisine and culture of the Asti and Piemonte territory

Great is the fortune of the one who owns a good bottle, a good book, a good friend. (Molière)

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